Black Momentum

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Black Momentum is a Black only space where the Momentum curriculum is extended and rooted in a lens that reflects the diverse Black experience. A space that prioritizes healing, that is communal, that is for ALL Black lives, all of our identities, and all of our different manifestations of Blackness.

Black Momentum is a dream that planted itself in the minds of Black organizers who wanted to create a resilient Black space that promotes co-learning and imagination. A space that facilitates accessibility to strategizing, dreaming big, and framing the big picture; essential parts of movement building that multitudes of Black people have been purposely kept out of historically.

Black Momentum is a space that celebrates the diversity of Blackness, that affirms art and vision, where everyone’s full and authentic self is welcomed, and we grow to hold all those tensions, complexities, and possibilities. We are operating under the assumption that what we are doing is historic-- Black Momentum is an invitation to join us on this journey as we strive to create a space that values all Black people.

Black Momentum is a movement building training with a specific concentration on discussing and pursuing strategies around reparations. A space to plot, scheme, and dream for our freedom, to hold all of us and to be held in our Black brilliance, where people can form new real relationships, build trust and really imagine what we can win together. A space that channels vibrations and recasts what is possible. A space to give away tools to Black people to fight for our liberation in the ways they see fit, an affirmative space from which you will walk away with the theory of Momentum as well as hard skills you can use when you return home.

Black Momentum is a space to challenge ourselves to see something different, to build a foundation and a critical framework around how we are approaching the work we do and the movements we want to see. Join us.

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