Participants from the October 2016 Boston Momentum Training

May 2017 Momentum

May 5-7  //  Boston, MA

The Momentum training is an intensive 3-day training designed to give organizers the tools to build progressive popular social movements to win on the most pressing justice issues of our time. 

Applications are now open. We will be accepting applications until April 7, and will confirm acceptances by mid-April. We will be selecting participants across experience, issues, and identities in order to create a diverse learning environment.

What is Momentum?

Momentum is a collectively-run training institute and movement incubator, dedicated to understanding and building transformative social movements. Our training curriculum covers:

  • Designing the DNA: story, strategy, and structure of powerful transformative social movements that win through the support of the public.
  • How to grow your movement through cycles of action and absorption.
  • Communicating your vision and goals in a way the public can understand.
  • The difference between effective and counter-productive protests—how to claim the moral high ground and inspire mass support.
  • Planning in advance to absorb people outraged by “trigger events” such as mass deportation raids, declaration of a Muslim registry, etc.
  • Case studies from successful popular movements, including the Birmingham campaign, ACT UP, Indian independence movement, and others.

Who should apply?

Momentum aims to support the next wave of experiments in movement-building in the United States and beyond. As a ‘movement school,' our ideal participants are those who:

  • Wish to learn movement strategy as a craft developed throughout the history of global struggles
  • Want to engage large numbers of people in social change
  • Are willing to experiment and try new things
  • Are willing to ask "What is necessary in this moment?" before asking "What is possible?"

The Momentum training is ideal for those who are able to influence strategy within their organizations as well as those who are willing to operate outside of existing organizations to launch new experiments.

If you have questions regarding the application process, please reach out to our National Coordinator, Cicia Lee, at