NYC Momentum 2017

December 8-10, 2017 //  New York City, NY

We will be accepting applications until Saturday October 28th, and will confirm acceptances by the first week of November.

Join us December 8-10, 2017 for NYC Momentum, a comprehensive training for activists and organizers leading efforts to transform our political climate.

In the past year, millions of newly activated and longtime activists alike have taken to the streets, protested at congressional offices, and joined local political organizations to resist the Trump administration.  But after 10 months of near daily attacks on our rights and protections, many are growing increasingly disheartened, tired, or confused about what we do next.

As the administration continues its relentless assault on our rights and protections, how do we sustain and grow our movements to seize and meet this moment, while not losing sight of our long-term vision? How do we keep engaging our people and calling them into courageous action, especially in discouraging times?  What are the strategies we can and should be creating together and how can we learn from successful movements worldwide to support us?  

NYC Momentum is an opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced, innovative organizers in the field who will share their learnings along with a synthesis of best practices from disciplines including social movements and the field of civil resistance, complex systems, decentralized networks, and strategic communications. While it may feel like the odds are stacked against us, social movements have repeatedly changed what was winnable, even in the grimmest of circumstances, from ending apartheid in South Africa to overthrowing dictators in Serbia.  Now more than ever we need these tools to seize the moment and win a vision of justice now and for generations to come.

At stake is our collective future-- and it will take all of us. Join us! The deadline to apply is Monday, October 23, 2017.  

Tuition Packages & Coaching

We encourage training participants to attend in small teams from their organizations, and offer reduced tuition rates for groups, depending on the size of the organization.

We are also offering a pilot coaching program for a very limited number of teams of 3-5 participants who attend this training together, and who are eager to experiment with the training material. Coaching will involve an orientation call before the training with a designated coach, and follow-up calls after the training to deepen understanding of the content, identify areas of alignment and opportunities for application.

Please be in touch if you are interested in exploring tuition packages or coaching. You can reach the training coordinator, Seth, at


We are offering 25 partial and full scholarships to ensure that the training is accessible to the most committed and strategic organizers, regardless of their financial resources.  Please consider sponsoring between one and three scholarships at $1,200, $2,400, or $3,600.

About Momentum

Momentum is the foremost training in the U.S. that provides a comprehensive set of tools for building social movements. Since its founding in 2014, Momentum has trained over 1,200 organizers from major organizations in the United States, such as Black Lives Matter, MoveOn, BYP100, United We Dream, Working Families Party, Showing Up For Racial Justice,, People’s Action, PICO, and more. Three new movement organizations have launched out of the Momentum training: Cosecha, IfNotNow, and Sunrise.


“Many have tried and failed to get organizations to be like the movements in the streets. And many have tried and failed to build movements that can move power. Momentum is a place where you can learn to do both.”
Yonah Lieberman, IfNotNow National Coordinator


“We need to get serious about the shared language and model of how we effectively do our work. Momentum is an opportunity to enter that conversation, learn a lot, and fold into a powerful community trying to change not only the world, but how we go about building a new one.“
Kandace Montgomery, Black Lives Matter National Staff


“Momentum has given me language for understanding organizing and strategy as a craft — a set of skills to be honed and practiced in community. It has helped me see myself as walking in the footsteps of generations upon generations of organizers and freedom fighters who I can look to and learn from. Momentum is the single most valuable training you can go to to advance your understanding of how social movements build power to win.”
Sara Blazevic, Sunrise Movement Co-Founder

Meet Our NYC December Trainers

Alexandra Flores-Quilty (AFQ/She/Her) is a Momentum Lead Trainer and Core Team member. AFQ is a Chicana from Oregon and a real life child[ren] of the forest. She got her start doing education justice organizing with the Oregon Student Association (OSA) and Oregon Students of Color Coalition (OSCC). She later served as the elected President of the U.S. Student Association (USSA), the largest and oldest national student membership organization where she organized for education justice. Recently, she co-founded  #AllofUs - an independent political organization fighting the corrupt political establishment while putting forth a vision for America that centers racial and economic justice. She is also an ongoing trainer in the UK with NEON’s Movement Builders course. Based in Brooklyn she loves gin, puzzles, and Selena.

Carlos Rojas Rodriguez (He/Him) is a volunteer organizer with Movimiento Cosecha, a movement for permanent protection, dignity, and respect for the immigrant community. He was a core organizer in coordinating strikes in over 80 cities for “A Day Without Immigrants” on May 1, 2017. Formerly, he organized with PICO at Faith in New Jersey, and part of the New Jersey DREAM Act Coalition.

Cicia Lee (She/Her) is a trainer and the National Coordinator of Momentum. She is also a member of a team organizing young Christians committed to contemplative practice, storytelling, and noncooperation. She worked for several years as a designer, and is currently finding ways to integrate design process with movement-building work. Previously, Cicia worked for the Massachusetts Communities Action Network, the MA branch of the PICO National Network. She graduated from Wellesley College, where she spent her time reading radical Asian-American authors, and studying feminist economics and political philosophy.

Rashad Jamal Buni (they/them/theirs) is a native Detroiter who is incredibly passionate in technology, social justice, and the intersection of both. They grew up as a super techie kid with professional goals of becoming a computer engineer. After moving back to their home city, their life trajectory made a sharp 90 degree turn, as young black Detroit activists absorbed them into an organization on the heels of a rally coordinated in protest of the murder of a black man by an ICE agent. Rashad eventually found BYP100 as their political home, where they currently are an organizing co-chair, and has been obsessively stumbling in the organizing world ever since. If Rashad isn't organizing or rapping, they're most likely plotting their vision to use their passion for tech to boost the Movement for Black Lives in innovative ways.

Seth Woody (He/Him) is a core team member of Momentum and the training coordinator for this training. He is a believer in strategic nonviolence, the spiritual tradition of movements, and in the emergence of a new political will in this country. He spends his other time on christian movement building, community living, and public land hunting. 

Kate Werning (She/Her) found her best wisdom and biggest questions about organizing while working alongside undocumented youth and workers in the immigrant rights movement, mobilizing students and workers during the 2011 Wisconsin Uprising mass protests and recall election, and serving on the founding team of Cosecha. Kate has been part of Momentum since planning for the first training and now serves as a Lead Trainer. She is from Milwaukee and currently living in the Hoop House collective in Brooklyn. In her quest to integrate healing, wellbeing, joy, and trauma support into movement work, she serves on the founding faculty of Liberation School (a cohort of organizers from the US and global south integrating healing and sustainability into our movements), is apprenticing in somatics for social justice, and hosts Healing Justice Podcast

James Hayes (He/Him) is an organizer from Columbus, OH. James started organizing after taking part in mass mobilizations with the Occupy movement and to protest the murder of Trayvon Martin. In 2012 he helped to found the Ohio Student Association and spent four years leading campaigns to end the criminalization of young people of color. These campaigns helped stop the same Stand Your Ground law from entering Ohio, stop the corporate school takeover of the Columbus City Schools, and build resistance to police brutality. James was previously a Trainer with the Ayni Institute and now is the Deputy Director of Ohio Voice.

Lissy Romanow (She/Hers) is a student of social movements and the Executive Director of Momentum. She is a co-founder and active volunteer with IfNotNow, and a recent transplant to Los Angeles. 

If you have questions regarding the application process, please reach out to the training coordinator, Seth Woody, at

For those interested in other dates for Momentum Trainings and events, please sign up on our homepage for updates on training dates, community of practice events, and new projects from our community.