POC Momentum 2017

October 20-22  //  Minneapolis, MN

This Momentum training is exclusively for people of color (POC), and is an intensive 3-day training designed to give organizers the tools to build progressive popular social movements to win on the most pressing justice issues of our time. 

Applications have closed. Sign up here and we'll send you an email when applications open for the next training. We will be accepting applications until September 15, and will confirm acceptances by the end of September (extended deadline). We will be selecting participants across experience, issues, and identities in order to create a diverse learning environment.

Over the past year, we have seen interest and demand for the Momentum training increase dramatically. In order to create a learning space that supports our participants, our training will be limited to 50 participants, and we may not be able to accommodate everyone who wants to attend.

We are committed to making this training financially accessible to those who need it most and who will be most poised to implement the tools and strategies our trainers will share. If you would like to support our scholarship and travel fund for POC Momentum, you can donate here

If you've been through a Momentum training already and want to apply to be a facilitator, apply here!

What is Momentum?

Momentum is a collectively-run training institute and movement incubator, dedicated to understanding and building transformative social movements. Our training curriculum covers:

  • Designing the DNA: story, strategy, and structure of powerful transformative social movements that win through the support of the public.
  • How to grow your movement through cycles of action and absorption.
  • Communicating your vision and goals in a way the public can understand.
  • The difference between effective and counter-productive protests—how to claim the moral high ground and inspire mass support.
  • Planning in advance to absorb people outraged by “trigger events” such as mass deportation raids, declaration of a Muslim registry, etc.
  • Case studies from successful popular movements, including the Birmingham campaign, ACT UP, Indian independence movement, and others.

Who should apply?

Momentum aims to support the next wave of experiments in movement-building in the United States and beyond. Our participants come from a wide-range of backgrounds - some have been organizing for decades, and some have just begun. What they share in common is an eagerness to interrogate both their successes and failures in their experiences so far, and a hunger to learn from history, themselves, and others as they continue to grow. As a ‘movement school,' our ideal participants are those who:

  • Wish to learn movement strategy as a craft developed throughout the history of global struggles 
  • Want to engage large numbers of people in social change 
  • Are willing to experiment and try new things
  • Have experience in the field - organizing actions, and building people-power with their communities, at national and local levels
  • Have personally reflected on and want to continue reflecting on organizing insights about what works and what doesn't work

The Momentum training is ideal for those who are able to influence strategy within their organizations as well as those who are willing to operate outside of existing organizations to launch new experiments. 

This training will be exclusively for participants identifying as people of color. We are building a diverse cohort of POC participants, and will be drawing from across issues, organizational backgrounds, and identities. 

Training Costs

We strive to make our trainings as accessible as possible to those most directly impacted by injustice, including those from organizations with small budgets. With this in mind, we have a sliding tuition scale structure to meet these costs that accommodates organizations of various budget sizes. 

  • The actual cost per participant for the three days of training, materials, and food is $800 per participant. If you are coming from an organization with resources, we ask that you pay for the full cost. Your support in covering the full cost allows us to dedicate more resources to travel scholarships and subsidized tuition for others. 
  • If your organization has resources or if you are willing to sponsor the costs for other participants, you may pay a sponsor-level tuition, and we appreciate your support. All additional tuition funds will go directly to scholarships and travel funds for participants to attend.
  • We have structured a sliding scale tuition level for smaller organizations or for individuals coming without organizational support.
  • We also have limited travel & tuition scholarships – with tuition at $25 and travel stipends available. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please indicate your interest on the application.

All accepted participants will be responsible for their own lodging in Minneapolis.

Meet Our Trainers

Miski Noor is the Lead Trainer for POC Momentum, and is an organizer and writer based in Minneapolis. They work as a Communications Strategist for the Black Lives Matter Global Network and a leader with the local Black Lives Matter chapter. Miski is the October 2017 POC Momentum Lead Trainer. They are committed to working to create a world in which Black life is protected and our collective liberation is realized.

Alexandra Flores-Quilty is a Lead Trainer with Momentum, a Latina, and a first-generation college student. She got her start in student organizing at the University of Oregon in 2010 fighting tuition hikes against the privatization of her university. She was a 2013-2014 Young People For (YP4) fellow, and an organizer for the Oregon Working Families Party. She served from 2014-2016 as President of the United States Student Association.

Kandace Montgomery is an unapologetically fierce black, queer, womanist, organizer. As part of the lead team of Black Lives Matter Minneapolis, Kandace was a leader of the 4th Precinct occupation and the #BLM Mall of America protests, and was also previously an organizer with TakeAction MN.

James Hayes started organizing after taking part in mass mobilizations with the Occupy movement and to protest the murder of Trayvon Martin. In 2012 he helped to found the Ohio Student Association and spent four years leading campaigns to stop the Stand Your Ground law from entering Ohio, stop the corporate takeover of the Columbus City Schools, and build resistance to police brutality. James is now the Training Director for the Ayni Institute.

Carlos Rojas Rodriguez is a volunteer organizer with Movimiento Cosecha, a movement for permanent protection, dignity, and respect for the immigrant community. He was a core organizer in coordinating strikes in over 80 cities for “A Day Without Immigrants” on May 1, 2017. Formerly, he organized with PICO at Faith in New Jersey, and part of the New Jersey DREAM Act Coalition.

Thaís Marques is the Lead Digital Organizer for Movimiento Cosecha. She coordinated the “Sanctuary Campus” walkouts in the fall of 2016, where thousands of students staged walk-outs on over 150 campuses nationwide. Thaís has been pioneering digital strategies for immigrant communities, and her work has been featured at NetRoots and MobLab among others. Previously, she was a community organizer at NJ Communities United, and was a Co-Founder of the Newark Students Union.

D’atra “Dee Dee” Jackson is the Co-Director of Ignite NC, which cultivates young leaders in North Carolina through a fellowship for youth organizers. Dee Dee has a track record of building base-building organizations, facilitation, and crafting training curriculum. She was active in an organization called Dream Defenders, founding the FIU chapter. She is Co-Chair of the Black Youth Project 100: Durham chapter, and was an organizer for the action that tore down the confederate statue in August 2017.

Makia Green is a queer, Black liberation organizer with Black Lives Matter DC and Black Youth Project 100 DC.  She joined the movement by co-founding a youth led collective in Rochester NY, during the aftermath of the Ferguson Uprising, and has led mass actions such as J20 Resist, and Freedom Now. A "NewYorker" living in DC, she coordinates events and campaigns centered in black joy, healing, and abolition. When she isn’t in the streets, you can find her at the theater or solving puzzles.

Cicia Lee is the National Coordinator for Momentum. She is also a member of a team organizing young Christians committed to contemplative practice, storytelling, and noncooperation. She worked for several years as a designer, and is currently finding ways to integrate design process with movement-building work. Previously, Cicia worked for the Massachusetts Communities Action Network, the MA branch of the PICO National Network. She graduated from Wellesley College, where she spent her time reading radical Asian-American authors, and studying feminist economics and political philosophy.

Pilot Coaching Program

We are excited to announce that we will be offering a pilot coaching program for a very limited number of teams of 3-5 participants who attend this training together, and who are eager to experiment with the training material. Teams can be from either existing organizations or established teams that are operating outside of an organization and are ready to launch something new.  

Coaching will involve an orientation call before the training with a designated coach, and follow-up calls after the training to deepen understanding of the content, identify areas of alignment around the content as a team, and to identify potential application opportunities. We will also provide additional resources and materials following the training to support your team to experiment. 

Those selected to be in the pilot coaching program would pay for the cost of the training and an additional coaching fee.

If you are interested, please email Cicia at cicia@momentumcommunity.org with your name and contact information, some brief background about your team or organization, what you are hoping to launch as an experiment, and any questions you have. 


If you have questions regarding the application process, please reach out to our National Coordinator, Cicia Lee, at cicia@momentumcommunity.org.

For those interested in a general Momentum training, we will be hosting our next training later in the fall.