Meet our Team


Nicole Carty

Nicole is a Core Team member and Lead Trainer at Momentum. She is currently a Director at PowerLabs and formerly a Campaign Manager at SumOfUs. She is a movement builder who was deeply involved in Occupy Wall Street and has played critical roles in the Movement for Black Lives. Previously Nicole was Programming Director at The Other 98% where she helped grow the organization’s social media reach into the millions.

Maria Fernanda Cabello

Maria Fernanda (Mafe) is the Coaching Director of Momentum. She is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico and has been an organizer in the immigrants rights movement since 2009. She started organizing in Texas where she fought to keep in-state tuition for undocumented students and continued her organizing work in the campaigns for DACA and DAPA that expanded the rights of undocumented immigrants.She also directed the "I'm a Dream Voter" project, the first ever undocumented-led civic engagement effort in the 2012 and 2014 electoral cycles. Most recently, she was a volunteer organizer with Cosecha, a new non-violent popular movement aimed at winning permanent protection, dignity, and respect, for all immigrants.


Alexandra Flores-Quilty

Alexandra Flores-Quilty is a Lead Trainer and Core Team member of the Momentum Training Institute where she trains and supports social movement leaders. She previously was a co-founder of #AllofUs that took on the American political establishment and helped popularize a left populist platform. Alexandra is a former US Student Association (USSA) President, the oldest and largest national student association. Under her leadership USSA organized the first Million Student March in 2015 that pushed the movement forward for free higher education in the US. Originally from Oregon, Alexandra got her start in organizing as a member of the Oregon Students of Color Coalition where they successfully won their campaign for tuition equity. Based in Brooklyn she loves gin, puzzles, and Selena.


Davida Ginsberg

Davida Ginsberg is the Development Director of Momentum. She lives in Boston, where she is an organizer, trainer, and community builder. She comes to Momentum with a degree in nonprofit management and leadership as well as over four years experience organizing women experiencing homelessness in a Boston women's shelter. Davida is also a leader in the Boston Jewish community; she served as the Development Chair and Board President of Moishe Kavod House, and currently is a leader with IfNotNow. She spends her time dreaming about alternative economies and coming up with creative ideas for making triller music videos.

Cicia Lee

Cicia Lee is the Co-Training Director of Momentum. She is also a member of a team organizing young Christians committed to contemplative practice, storytelling, and noncooperation. She worked for several years as a designer, and is currently finding ways to integrate design process with movement-building work. Previously, Cicia worked for the Massachusetts Communities Action Network, the MA branch of the PICO National Network. She graduated from Wellesley College, where she spent her time reading radical Asian-American authors, and studying feminist economics and political philosophy.;


Miski Noor

Miski Noor is the Co-Director of Training at Momentum, and is an organizer and writer based in Minneapolis, MN where they organize with Black Visions Collective, a power and base-building force for Black Queer and Trans people and their families within the larger Movement for Black Lives. Miski is a graduate of the University of Minnesota where they studied Political Science and African and African-American Studies, and has been published in Colorlines, HuffPost BlackVoices and TruthOut. Miski prioritizes relationship building, transformative justice, and co-creating movement cultures that are collaborative and sustainable. As a Black, African, and Queer immigrant, Miski is committed to working to create a world in which Black life is protected and our collective liberation is realized.

Adiel Pollydore.JPG

Adiel Pollydore

Adiel Pollydore is Core Team member and Trainer with Momentum. She is a Guyanese-American organizer in Boston, and was on the planning team for POC Momentum. She works with black and latinx youth organizing to end youth criminalization and win full youth employment in MA. She is passionate about education as a tool for liberation and enjoys learning and teaching in community. She’s spiritual, a vegan and queer. Right now, she lives in an inter-generational cooperative house in Dorchester and enjoys story telling, drinking bubble tea and going on adventures with friends.

Lissy headshot.jpg

Lissy Romanow

Lissy Romanow is the Director of Momentum. She was first introduced to social movements at the age of 17 as a participant in the City School’s Summer Leadership Program. She was a fellow with the Jewish Organizing Initiative & Network, and a lead organizer with Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts, where she worked to amplify some of the largest grassroots legislative and electoral campaigns in the state. In 2014, she attended her first Momentum training, joined the visionary staff of the Ayni Institute, and co-founded IfNotNow. In 2017, she became Momentum’s first Executive Director. She is honored to support the Momentum community’s brilliant leaders and to learn from the history of social movements which taught us how to change what’s politically possible.

Akin Olla

Akin Olla is the Digital Resource Mobilizer at Momentum. He is a Nigerian immigrant who has lived most of his life in New Jersey. On and off campus he organized on everything from mass incarceration, environmental justice, and drug safety to free higher education and how these issues intersect with race, gender, and class. His main work was with the U.S. Student Association and New Jersey United Students, working to pass the NJ DREAM Act for tuition equity and state aid for undocumented students, and fighting to maintain and extend financial aid for all students in the country. He is a former full time union organizer with the American Federation of Teachers. As a dual citizen of Nigeria and the United States, he views global African liberation through direct action and the building of counter institutions to be essential for a future worth living.

From left to right:  Mirja, Carlos, Max, Kate, Paul

From left to right: Mirja, Carlos, Max, Kate, Paul

Back row:  Seth, Carlos, Paul, Lissy  Second row:  Waleed, Anjali, Brooke   Front row:  Maria, Nicole, Mafe, Hallie

Back row: Seth, Carlos, Paul, Lissy
Second row: Waleed, Anjali, Brooke
Front row: Maria, Nicole, Mafe, Hallie

Former team:

We are indebted to the Momentum Founding Team and former core members, who paved the way for us. We honor and acknowledge their work in building Momentum.

Paul Engler, Co-Founder
Max Berger, Co-Founder
Guido Girgenti, Co-Founder
Mirja "Mimi" Hitzemann, Co-Founder
Belinda Rodriguez, Co-Founder
Carlos Saavedra, Co-Founder
Kate Werning, Co-Founder

Hallie Boas
Carolina Canizales
Anjali Cadambi
Maria Castro
Will Lawrence
Waleed Shahid
Seth Woody