Apply for the Trainer Fellowship

We are excited to announce that Momentum is launching our first ever Trainer Fellowship Cohort! We have created this space as a way to invest more intentionally in our trainers, and support them in strengthening understanding of the model, honing facilitation skills, and building deeper connection across our community. If you’re interested in growing as a trainer, having space to practice and reflect, and deepening your familiarity with the theory of movement building, fill out the form below by February 8th!

What is this about?

We’re building a training cohort of a small, strong core of folks with experience training within Momentum and organizing in the United States, and representing a variety of identities – especially POC/queer/trans/gnc folks. We’ll also be using this fellowship as an experiment to learn and grow in our process of developing trainers and preparing for trainings.

We’ll be pulling in support from partner organizations (like Training for Change), as well as experienced Momentum trainers and experimenters to support your learning along the way.

What are the goals?

  • To develop trainer craft in both understanding the full Momentum curriculum, and upgrading facilitation skills

  • For trainers to be able to track their own growth throughout the year through personal reflection, cohort retreats, and practice

  • To create increased connection and collaboration between highly experienced Momentum trainers and newer trainers through retreats, coaching, and webinars

Who should apply?


  • Have attended a T4T

  • Have experience in training and facilitation (particularly with Momentum content), and want to deepen your growth

  • Have experience organizing (particularly in integrating Momentum tools)

  • Disciplined and have capacity over the next year to dedicate to retreats, study, calls, and prep

NOTE: We especially encourage Momentum trainers who have not gotten a chance to train yet, or have trained once but want more support, though all trainers are invited to apply. It’s not a requirement to have trained with Momentum before, but you’ll get the most out of this experience if you have trained at least once, or if you’ve trained on Momentum content in other contexts (ie Momentum-based movements).

What are the commitments?

  • Attend both in-person retreats (March + September)

  • Commit to approximately ~10 hours a month of your time, including calls, check ins and readings

  • Commit to training with Momentum at least twice over the next year

  • Commitment to raising $500 over the next year for Momentum. This is in place of any kind of registration or tuition. This will help offset some of the costs for retreats, travel, food, and material. We will provide travel scholarships to attend retreats. You’ll also still receive full trainer stipends each time you train.

We’re still confirming the dates, but right now our first retreat is scheduled for March 29th-31st, with travel dates on each end.

I’m pumped! How do I apply?

Please complete the form below to let us know you’re interested in being a part of the training cohort, even if you don’t meet all the criteria!

Please fill this out by February 8th, 2019. We'll get back to you the week of February 22nd, 2019.

Here’s the direct link to the application:

Please reach out to Miski ( or Cicia ( with any questions.