Momentum Community

Momentum is a training institute and a community of practice that nurtures popular movements through dedication to the craft of organizing for liberation. We believe that popular movements are the most powerful vehicle for effecting dramatic social change and are necessary for people to realize their own power. In order to transform our society, we cannot simply settle for what’s winnable within our current political climate: we must create the political climate to win what we truly need.


The Momentum model merges the traditions of mass protest and structure-based organizing to create a new tradition of organizing in the United States. Following a decade of research by organizer Paul Engler (of the Center for the Working Poor), the Momentum Core Team––organizers from the immigrant rights movement, Occupy Wall Street, the labor movement, the climate justice movement, and more––came together to offer the first pilot training of this material in June 2014. Since then, the demand for this training has grown exponentially, and in just one year our team of highly-committed volunteers has trained over 300 people.

We believe it will take a community of practitioners learning and growing together to develop the movements we need. At the Momentum training, you will join leaders from movements across the country to engage with critical questions about organizing in a rigorous and engaging learning environment.

To read more about our history and the Momentum model get a copy of HOW NONVIOLENT REVOT IS SHAPING THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY: THIS IS AN UPRISING.