Momentum is a training institute and movement incubator.


Momentum is dedicated to big organizing.


We are committed to teaching and learning the craft of popular movements fighting for justice. We give grassroots organizers the tools to build massive, decentralized social movements that aim to shift the terrain under policymakers’ feet.

We live in a time of severe inequality, racial disparity, and concentrated wealth in the United States. We need transformational change, and we believe it won’t come from within the political system. We need big movements, and we need leaders with the skills to shift public opinion and organize people at scale. 

Momentum is committed to supporting these leaders with a whole new organizing model, with the tools that will win profound structural and cultural changes.


Cycle of Momentum

We teach organizers how to activate the public and change the political weather by using the cycle of momentum, focusing on: 

Popular movements need to force the public to take notice of the issue and take a stance. Escalating strategic nonviolent action drives a wedge into the public’s moral conscience by asking: which side are you on?

We know that political power flows from the cooperation of the people, and we base our training principles in a social view of power. When people are activated, and refuse to cooperate with injustice in massive numbers, they win.


In order to get to scale, movements need to decentralize to have the capacity to absorb new members during critical moments of public attention. In order to decentralize without collapsing into chaos, movements must “frontload” their story, strategy, and structure.


    Check out our upcoming trainings:

Digital Skillshare

April 8-9, 2017
Stony Point, NY

Momentum is hosting the first ever Digital Skillshare to bring together talented digital organizers leading some of the most important movements of our generation to share and teach one another digital skills and tactics. We'll be creating a space where digital organizers in our network are supported and have a space to share, coach, and experiment with digital tactics. Applications have closed, but sign up for updates about webinars from the event. Sign up >>


May 5-7, 2017
Boston, MA

Our next standard Momentum training will be hosted in May of 2017. We will be accepting applications through April 7. Apply here >>

POC Momentum

August 2017
Location TBD

We will be holding a Momentum training in a POC-only space in August of 2017. Sign up for more updates, details, and a link to the application when it comes out! Sign up >>

Previous participants in Momentum trainings come from organizations doing some of the most important movement-building in the U.S:


Here’s what past participants are saying about Momentum:

The Momentum trainings not only share valuable information to help our movements get more strategic and clear in the different roles and approaches that are needed, but also builds strong and collaborative relationships across movements to help us become much sharper and more united.
— Kate Werning, Organizing Director, CTZNWELL
Many have tried and failed to get organizations to be like the movements in the streets. And many have tried and failed to build movements that can move power. Momentum is a place where you can learn to do both.
— Yonah Lieberman, IfNotNow National Coordinator
We need to get serious about the shared language and model of how we effectively do our work. This is an opportunity to enter that conversation, learn a lot, and fold into a powerful community trying to change not only the world, but how we go about building a new one.
— Kandace Montgomery, Black Lives Matter Minneapolis
Momentum has completely changed the way I look at the work we do. It has made me see that there are different ways of organizing and building power with and for the community.
— Diego Ramirez Vargas, Homestead Equal Rights for All, Cosecha