Online to Offline Mobilization: Lessons from A Day Without Immigrants

Watch this webinar recording to learn how Movimiento Cosecha, a nonviolent movement fighting for permanent protection, dignity, and respect for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, used digital tools to recruit thousands of immigrants across the country to take part in the largest immigrant-led actions in a generation.

Learn more about the tactics Thaís mentioned with the following resources.


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Powerlabs supports organizations to design and run people-powered campaigns. They provide training, coaching and strategic planning support to build the capacity of organizations, leaders and networks.

Facebook Live

Watch this webinar recording to learn how to use Facebook Live for actions and protests

Facebook lead generation ads

Facebook lead ads makes it easy for supporters to opt-in to your email and text/phone list without ever leaving Facebook. Removing the friction of leaving Facebook can drastically reduce acquisition costs. Learn more about lead ads from Facebook’s Blueprint course.

We typically have the most success by targeting lead generation ads using lookalike audiences. Learn more about lookalike audiences from Facebook. Learn more about ad targeting strategy from Facebook’s Blueprint course.

Text messaging

Learn more about Cosecha’s broadcast and peer-to-peer text messaging strategy in this webinar recording.

Email strategy for mass mobilizations

Get's Guide to Mass Mobilisation here.


Randall Smith is a trainer with Momentum and the founder of PowerLabs. He specializes in helping clients use design thinking processes to design and run people-powered campaigns.

Thaís Marques is a trainer with Momentum and a Director with PowerLabs where she focuses on using digital tools and tactics to reach communities of color and immigrants and move them into action-oriented teams. Prior to PowerLabs, Thaís led the digital program at Movimiento Cosecha. While at Cosecha she developed new models for recruiting undocumented immigrants through social channels and connecting them to the movement.