Webinar: Sunrise Movement, Momentum, and Political Alignments

What’s this webinar about?

How did Sunrise study and build towards the “moment of the whirlwind” we’re seeing now around the Green New Deal? The leaders in Sunrise, and the movement builders in the Momentum community, know that none of this is an accident. Building moments of the whirlwind is a craft. And this is just the beginning of the political realignment they’re shaping.

If you haven’t already seen this article, we’d recommend it — it’s the story of how the incredible organizers built their movement and the lessons that shaped them. We’ve also attached some resources about Momentum organizing principles referenced in the article below.

Here’s a key quote:

“Defeating climate change, Sunrise’s leaders have come to believe, will require a massive reordering of the U.S. economy – away from free-market fundamentalism and toward something fairer and more democratic. If they succeed, they may not only dramatically shift the politics of climate change, but also provide a new model for grassroots organizing in America.”

This generation of organizers is not interested in winning small concessions from elites. Sunrise is changing what is politically possible — and is also changing what organizing looks like in this country.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources, as referenced in the webinar:

To get involved with Sunrise:

  • Sign up to join the largest ever demonstration at a presidential debate to make climate justice real and #changethedebate.

  • Donate or become a monthly sustainer to support their work.

Key Momentum Concepts

We also wanted to highlight a few parts of the article that mention core Momentum concepts and point you to a few further resources.

Here’s an introduction to Momentum concepts, including the social view of power, escalation, absorption, frontloading, and more.

The two traditions of organizing, structure and mass protest, is one of the core concepts of the Momentum curriculum. Read more about it here. Sunrise has been using a brilliant hybrid of both organizing traditions and harnessing opportunities to target politicians and run voter mobilization campaigns.

Establishing the DNA of an organization – its structure, theory of change, and core principles – before launching is one of key goals of the process of frontloading. Check out this brief description. We take participants through an overview of this process in our core trainings, and will be offering a more in depth view at this process and how it’s been used by movements like Sunrise, IfNotNow, and Cosecha at our Advanced Strategy Skillshare this fall.

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