Webinar: What Makes Nonviolent Movements Succeed? 
An Interview with Dr. Erica Chenoweth

Watch this webinar for an interview with Dr. Erica Chenoweth, author of “Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict.” We’ll be asking her questions about what her research reveals are the best strategies and tactics from movements around the world that have succeeded and failed in taking on oppressive regimes.

Dr. Erica Chenoweth is a political scientist and scholar of civil resistance. Her work has had a profound impact on organizers’ understanding of nonviolent strategy, particularly on the question of mass participation. This is a unique opportunity to take a deeper look at Dr. Chenoweth’s work and some of the promises and challenges it poses to building movements today. The conclusions of Erica’s research are reflected in the Momentum training curriculum, which encourages organizers to target the public instead of elite decision makers in order to hit a tipping point in participation that will make what is necessary for our communities politically winnable.

In this webinar, we ask her about the research behind Why Civil Resistance Works, how the lessons from her studies can be applied by organizers in the US and around the world today, and what the biggest questions are that every movement organizer needs to consider.